Researching the Progressive City

One of the purposes of the Progressive Cities and Neighborhood Planning blog and website is to open up this topic to researchers, including graduate and undergraduate students. Several channels for investigation exist from the materials cited and included in these...

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MacArthur Park Avoids Gentrification

Development that benefits low-income neighborhood residents: the case of MacArthur Park in Los Angeles Gerardo Sandoval Urban revitalization efforts have historically led to either forcible removal or displacement of working class residents via market forces...

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New Interest in the Local Level

  There’s new interest in cities – once called the “lost world of municipal  government,” where only the small stuff happened. [1] Partly it’s frustration with Washington, where political gridlock has stopped many good ideas.  Partly it’s a sense of urgency about the...

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What’s the Progressive City? – 3

What’s the Progressive City? - 3     (11 APRIL 2014)              834   The progressive city entails a collective consciousness of what it is. In Cleveland when Norman Krumholz’s city planning department studied MUNY Light the city’s struggling public power company,...

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Progressive City Literature

There is a literature of the progressive city.  There is great journalism. There are lots of scholarly articles, some well cited theses and dissertations, even some fugitive pieces – see the Bibliography at www.progressivecities.org. I’ve written The Progressive City...

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Ideas for Mayors…And Neighborhoods

Working off where the previous post on “Neighborhoodism” left off, there are a number of conclusions and questions that can be formulated regarding the right way forward for mayors and administrations working with neighborhood groups, such as:   First, there is a...

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