Santa Monica, CA

Santa Monica, CA

Major changes in Santa Monica city government began when, in 1979, Santa Monicans for Renters Rights (SMRR) succeeded with a rent control initiative; that election also brought in two city council members. In 1981, SMRR in coalition with the city’s Democratic Club and other groups won majority control and implemented steps to control development and open city administration to popular participation.


The experience of progressive government in Santa Monica is referenced in a number of books. See Stella Capek and John Gilderbloom, “Community versus Commodity: Tenants and the American City” (1992) and Mark Kann, “Middle Class Radicalism in Santa Monica” (1986).

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Series I: Santa Monica
The Cornell collection includes extensive local newspaper coverage for 1984-1988, 18 transcripts of interviews of local officials and activists, and 48 documents ranging from draft memoranda and papers to official city reports



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