The Collection

The collection resides in the Division of Rare and Manuscripts Collections (RMC) of the Cornell Library. It is organized into separate series. This will be apparent in the online catalogue. Most series identify with particular cities or neighborhoods within cities while the remainder identify with organizations or individuals. This is similar to the organization of the Project but differs in only including material that is physically in the RMC.

Progressive Cities

Major series include Berkeley, CA, Burlington, VT; Chicago, IL; Boston, MA; Hartford, CT; Santa Monica, CA; and Cleveland, OH. There is minor coverage for Sheffield and London, UK and Madison, WI.

Under Development

Several sets of papers are listed as “Under Development,” meaning that significant resources, while in our possession, have yet to be indexed or transported to the Cornell Library storage facility. These include certain cities (Boston, Madison) and also Neighborhoods, Organizations and People listed under the Project. Inquiries can be addressed to Pierre Clavel (pc29 [at] cornell [dot] edu).


The Collection is hosted by the Division of Rare and Manuscripts Collections of the Cornell University Library, and we are grateful for the expertise and assistance of Director Elaine Engst and the RMC staff. Creation of the Online Catalogue references was the work of CRP research assistant Janine Cuneo, and its insertion into electronic form was directed by Eleanor Brown of the RMC.

We have been assisted by many others inside and outside of Cornell University. At Cornell, we had support from the Department of City and Regional Planning, The Graduate School, and the Clarence S. Stein Fund. Graduate research assistant Crystal Lackey managed student work in CRP 649 and a later field excursion to Burlington, VT, and we had significant effort from the members of that class: Prajakta Kasbekar, Adeline Kooi, Daniel Pearlstein, Matt Ricchiaszzi, Shigeru Tanaka, and Jonathan Thompson. We received important materials from Derek Shearer and Lee Webb and other assistance from Marie Kennedy, Peter Dreier, Louise Simmons, Susan Turner Meiklejohn, Laursa Wolf-Powers, and Ronald Shiffman. There are many others we have not named.

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The Collection and The Project are the joint effort of Pierre Clavel and Ken Reardon of Cornell’s Department of City and Regional Planning. The Progressive Cities and Neighborhood Planning web pages were written by Pierre Clavel.

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